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Sundaram Winner Brown Original Long Book 76 Pages (Pack of 12)


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The Sundaram Winner Brown Original Long Book has 76 pages in it. It is made from 57 GSM thick paper. It is a plain book and is spiral bound (wiro). It is 17 x 27 cm in size. The Sundaram Winner Brown Original Long Book has a superior cut and excellent finish to ensure the pages are in perfect alignment without any folded corners. The superior binding strength and wrapper lamination make them as durable as ever. Sundaram books are Made from superior quality paper and pulp, the pages are whiter, brighter, and smoother.  The premium quality book comes with attractive cover designs. Preferred and loved by everyone. The cover design of the book is subject to change, it depends on stock availability.  Sundaram notebooks are all about opening horizons of possibilities for intelligence to be written down. These Sundaram Winner Brown Original Long Book have quirky cover page prints offering the best in paper quality, that is, A Grade West Coast.

Using high-quality paper will make the biggest difference to your writing experience. Feather-coated paper with filler paint can make text look unsightly and difficult to read. You don’t want to write on paper so that it doesn’t get stuck in a pen or paper. For elementary school students, knitting of lined paper is a favorite of kindergarten up to fourth graders. The rules are located 11/37 inches apart and are intended for children who are still learning to write letters and numbers and for children with above-average handwriting.

Did you know that notebook pages can be recycled? All notebooks are generally 100% consumer recyclable. For those who are supporting environmentally-friendly practices, you can buy a recycled notebook option. With this twist in recyclable products, you send the notebooks for recycling which can be reusable by you or others in need. Sundaram books are recyclable too!

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